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whether you like or play blues music, here you can read about Belgian and international Blues Bands. We provide links to various websites and social media regarding these bands and musicians. As we could never be totally complete by filling out this catalogue just by ourselves, we provide an interactive form on this site. So when you think that you, your band, or a bluesband you know about should be mentioned here and you can’t find it in our list, please feel free to fill in the appropriate form. All Belgian ánd international bluesbands can register on our list. Our list is automatically updated every 5′.

This site is part of, so you can visit our main site and relevant links in the menu on the left. We at Liveacts Belgium will try to visit your gigs as much as we can, to write reviews and take photo’s, as to pay honour to all Blues Bands we know about. Happy surfing, do not forget to attend these concerts too, and buy music from these outstanding musicians.


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